Key Skills

  • 30 years of experience in sales and marketing
  • 16 years of experience in consulting
  • Most importantly, you work with a sales and marketing professional who is like you a creator and a business executive.
  • Business investment
  • Each year, Arnaud invests 10 to 15 days in his own training, to improve his skills and to advance his methods.

Arnaud is the co-author of the book “Office 2007 – Succeed your small business” published by Micro Apps. The objective of this writting is to provide a simple and practical way to sell more and better using the four main software of the 2007 Office suite. His second book, ”  How to find and retain customers,  ” was published in October 2011 Dunod: 160 pages to explode your sales; this book can change your entrepreneurial life! Bestseller of his collection, this book is already in its third edition, published in August 2018. His third book, ”  Consultant, to launch, succeed and last”, Was released in September 2014 at Dunod. This book answers all your questions with concrete solutions: the guide to become a recognized professional! This book is also a success; its second edition was published in September 2017. Please Read More: